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  • What types of patients and clients does Dr. Gregg accept?
    Adults & adolescents (age 13 & up) Couples (also non-conventional relationships) Individuals Families Organizations Government agencies Schools & educational programs
  • How do I know that it's time to get psychological help?
    Based on recent emotional or behavioral changes, your doctor, family, spouse, partner, and/or friends may have suggested that you might benefit from professional help. Changes in sleep patterns eating habits, work or school performance, mood, or relationships all point to the possibility of serious difficulties that can be helped by a psychologist.
  • How do I decide if a psychologist is the right professional to help me?
    There are many mental-health professionals in the community with various credentials. These include social workers, counselors, and psychiatrists. In most states, psychologists have a doctoral degree and average more than 7 years of graduate education beyond college to learn their specialized skills. This includes a pre-doctoral internship, post-doctoral residency training, and several years of supervised clinical experience prior to being licensed to practice independently as a psychologist. Dr. Pizzi is licensed at the highest level for psychologists in both Michigan and Florida, and has been practicing independently since 1999. Psychologists are also trained to help you access other mental-health and/or medical services you may require.
  • How will the psychologist determine what my problems are and the best ways to improve my life?
    Psychologists are trained to assist you in identifying the underlying problems and learning more effective ways to cope. Dr. Gregg will first conduct an Initial Diagnostic Interview to fully explore our concerns and goals. A wide variety of psychological treatment methods may then be recommended to address the issues such as individual therapy, couple therapy, group therapy, or other interventions. As a psychologist, Dr. Gregg is trained and credentialed to provide psychological testing, which is outside the scope of practice of most other mental health professionals. Testing may be indicated for your situation in order to attain a deeper, more meaningful understanding of your issues.
  • What if I need medication? Does Dr. Gregg prescribe?
    Dr. Gregg is a Clinical & Forensic Psychologist, trained and licensed to evaluate and treat psychological problems without the use of medication. However, Dr. Gregg will assist you and your other healthcare providers in deciding whether medication is indicated, monitoring side effects, and measuring the usefulness of medication.
  • How will I know when I no longer need psychological services?
    After the initial evaluation period, your psychologist will develop a treatment plan to help you achieve vour doals. Over time the two of you will review your progress, as well as any barriers that may prevent vou from moving forward. Together you and your psychologist can determine when the maximal treatment benefit has been achieved. At some point, you may also want to take a break from treatment to consolidate gains & return for follow-up treatment at a later time.
  • What if I have an emergency?
    In case of emergency and the doctor is not available, call your local emergency phone number (i.e., 911) or proceed to the nearest hospital emergency room and ask for the psychologist or psychiatrist on call. In Miami-Dade County, Florida, you can call the 211 free 24/7 crisis helpline by dialing 2-1-1 from any phone or 305-358-HELP (305-358-4357). In Oakland County, Michigan, you may contact the crisis line of Common Ground Sanctuary at 800-231-1127 (
  • What services are offered?
    CLINICAL SERVICES Initial Diagnostic Evaluation Psychotherapy (Individuals, couples, & families) Sex Therapy Relationship Therapy Group Psychotherapy Psychological Testing Clinical Psychological Examination Psychological consultation Psychiatric medication referral (as appropriate) Coordination of care with psychiatrists, physicians & hospitals Crisis intervention & support Other clinical professional services FORENSIC SERVICES Initial Diagnostic Evaluation Court-ordered evaluation & reports Psychological Testing Treatment/counseling per court order (i.e. DUI, domestic violence) Expert testimonv & court attendance Forensic Psychological Examination Sex-offender evaluation & treatment Other forensic professional services NON-CLINICAL SERVICES Personal Coaching (Professional & Life-improvement) Professional Consultation & Supervision for mental-health practitioners Practice management consultation & support for professionals Marketing & development assistance for the mental-health field Workplace training & seminars Telephone Consultation
  • Is the information I provide to you confidential?
    PizziPSYC, PLLC, maintains the privacy of your protected health information (PHI) as required by state and federal law. As a licensed psychologist, Dr. Gregg also adheres to the 'Ethical Principles of Psychologists & Code of Conduct' of the American Psychological Association and HIPAA requirements. Our written 'Notice of Psychologist's Policies & Practices to Protect the Privacy of Your Patient Health Information' is available for inspection and may be discussed with the psychologist at any time.
  • What is Imago Relationship Therapy?
    Dr. Gregg has undertaken a serious & extensive clinical training program in order to further his skills as a psychologist & couple therapist by becoming certified as an IMAGO Relationship Therapist ( IMAGO Relationships International is based in New York City and was founded by Harville Hendrix, Ph.D. & his wife Helen LaKelly Hunt, authors of the 'Getting the Love You Want' & 'Keeping the Love You Find' books & workshops for couples and personal growth. You and your partner/spouse will have the opportunity to identify your relationship goals, learn about the therapy process, and will receive a complimentary copy of the book 'Getting the Love You Want' by Harville Hendrix, Ph.D. Contact Dr. Gregg if you are interested in exploring the idea of Relationship Therapy, or if you would like more information about the IMAGO method of increasing intimacy, communication, and sexual pleasure in your relationship.
  • Do you accept insurance?
    No. Dr. Gregg does not accept assignment from any health plans nor participate on any networks. You are expected to pay the full fee for each service at the time of your appointment. Services are payable by credit/debit card, PayPal, or ApplePay. As a Licensed Psychologist, my services for evaluation and treatment are fully or partly reimbursable under many health insurance plans. If you have coverage that offers out-of-network (OON) benefits, you may be entitled to reimbursement for all or a portion of my charges, however you will be responsible for paying my full fee directly and any reimbursement you receive will be between you and your insurance carrier. My office will be happy to submit a claim to your insurance on your behalf as a convenience to you. I have found that paying at the time of service keeps our attention focused on your treatment and its goals, and is most productive. This method of payment has been found to provide the greatest level of confidentiality and eliminates the treatment disruptions often caused by problems with insurance coverage. After many years of working with and for insurance companies and participating on different plans, I decided to discontinue my membership on panels as a contracted provider. The reasons include but are not limited to: the rising costs of health care and decreased reimbursement rates, increasing complexity of insurance benefits, the demands by insurance companies for me provide them with sensitive personal information about my patients, having to document a clinical diagnosis when one may not be warranted, arbitrary decisions to discontinue coverage for "lack of medical necessity" or other reasons, arbitrary denials, and other unethical practices that would limit my ability to plan treatment appropriately and provide my patients with the highest quality of care. In order for us to set realistic treatment goals and priorities, it is important to evaluate what resources you have available to pay for your treatment. If you decide to rely on your insurance coverage for our sessions, it is very important that you find out exactly how your insurance policy handles coverage of psychological services. Carefully read your insurance policy, particularly the section regarding ‘outpatient mental health services.’ If you have questions about your coverage, call your plan administrator. Of course, I will be happy to provide you with whatever assistance I can in understanding the information you receive from your insurance company so that you receive the maximum benefits to which you are entitled, however you (not your insurance company) are responsible for payment.
  • What are some of the risks and benefits?
    Psychological services can have benefits and risks. Since psychology often involves discussing unpleasant aspects of your life, you may experience uncomfortable feelings like sadness, guilt, anger, frustration, loneliness, and helplessness. Sometimes it may even lead to a mild worsening of your symptoms, but these regressions should only be temporary if treatment is continued. You may begin to behave differently, realize that you have attitudes, beliefs, or desires you weren’t aware of prior to beginning psychological services, and/or look at your relationships in a different way. Despite the risks, you should know that psychological services have been shown to have many benefits. You will have the opportunity to explore all of your thoughts and feelings. Benefits may range from the alleviation of distressful symptoms to the restructuring of your personality. You may find your relationships improve and become more satisfying. You may better understand your personal goals and values, and thus grow as a person and become more wise and content. But there are no guarantees of what you will experience.
  • Why choose Dr. Gregg A. Pizzi as my psychologist?
    1. Dr. Gregg is licensed at the highest level for psychologists in two states (Michigan & Florida) allowing him to practice independently. 2. Dr. Gregg earned his Doctor of Psychology (Psy.D.) degree from the Ferkauf Graduate School of Psychology at Yeshiva University in New York City, a regionally-accredited academic institution. 3. Dr. Gregg graduated from a doctoral graduate program and pre-doctoral clinical internship, both of which are accredited by the American Psychological Association (APA). 4. In addition to his training as a clinical psychologist, Dr. Gregg is certified as a forensic psychologist and has been identified as an expert in forensic psychology by several courts. 5. Dr. Gregg Is a member In good standing of several or the most widely-recognized and respected professional organizations in the healthcare field, including the American Psychological Association (APA) and the Gay & Lesbian Medical Association (GLMA). 6. Dr. Pizzi has attained additional psychological training and certification in several specialty areas, and continues to further his skills and expertise in the field of psychology through regular continuing education, both as a presenter and a participant. 7. Dr. Pizzi adheres strictly to the 'Ethical Principles of Psychologists & Code of Conduct' established by the American Psychological Association (APA). 8. Dr. Pizzi has traveled extensively, has lived in several major U.S. cities, is familiar with multiple ethnic backgrounds & cultures, and is bilingual. 9. Scheduling an appointment is easy and convenient using Dr Pizzi's user-friendly Online Appointment Scheduler in his Patient Portal. Appointments made online are confirmed automatically and a friendly reminder e-mail and/or text message is sent to you two days prior to your appointment. You are of course free to contact Dr Pizzi directly for additional information, to request an appointment, or if you simply prefer to speak with a live person.
  • What are Dr. Gregg's clinical specialty areas?
    Sex Therapy IMAGO Relationship Therapy Forensic psychology Adolescent behavior / 'growing-up' issues Gay-affirmative psychotherapy Bilingual (Spanish) & bicultural treatment Living with HIV Multicultural & diversity issues
  • How does Dr. Gregg determine his fees?
    Dr. Gregg offers a premium service to his patients and clients, with an emphasis on high-quality professional care that is unsurpassed by many in the field. You will be treated like a person and not a number with the respect and attention you deserve. Dr. Gregg practices independently and is not part of any agency. You are guaranteed the highest level of confidentiality since he alone has access to your records and deals with you directly. Dr. Pizzi is actively involved in the field of psychology and the community, and is always advancing his knowledge and expertise through continuing education and specialized training. Your psychological treatment with Dr. Pizzi is NOT limited to just the sessions that you attend. As appropriate, you will be given customized 'homework' assignments, recommended reading for your particular situation, and have access to unlimited unlimited secure text communication with Dr. Pizzi between visits. Every effort is made to ensure you feel connected and supported throughout your treatment. Accordingly, Dr. Pizzi's fees are set slightly higher than the usual & customary rate (UCR) for fully-licensed psychologists in the area. However, you will likely find that the quality of service and attention to detail that you receive are without comparison and well worth it.
  • What are some of the issues that Dr. Gregg treats?
    This is only a partial list of some of the need areas that Dr. Gregg works with. Contact the office for specific questions or if you don't see your issue here. Relationship issues (communication, trust, intimacy) Sexual issues (not enough, too much, lack of romance & connection) Dating fears, loneliness, meaningless or unfulfilling sexual behavior Sexual addiction/compulsivity, hookup culture & behavior Monogamy concerns/expectations, open relationships, 'thruples' Kink culture, non-conventional relationships, sexual exploration Family issues (i.e., divorce, blended families, alternative families) Depression, mood disturbance, anxiety & stress reduction Grief & loss / codependency / low self-esteem OCD / phobias / PTSD Behavioral problems / adjustment difficulties Assertiveness & social-skills training Career/educational counseling & vocational testing Work-related issues
    The Terms & Conditions for the PizziPSYC, PLLC website can be found here.
  • What is your HIPAA policy?
    Our HIPAA policy can be found in English here and in Spanish here.
  • What is your website's Privacy Policy?
    The Privacy Policy for the PizziPSYC, PLLC website can be found here.
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