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Meet Dr. Gregg

Dr. Gregg A. Pizzi is a Clinical & Forensic Psychologist, Couple/Relationship Specialist, and Board-Certified Sex Therapist.


In his clinical role, he helps his patients live happier, healthier lives.  Dr. Gregg's extensive training and experience with couples and sexuality make him a successful choice for those who want to improve their relationships, build intimacy, and put the fun and excitement back into their lives.

As a forensic psychologist, Dr. Gregg works for attorneys, the court, and those who need psychological representation for a legal matter.  He has been recognized by several courts as an expert witness in the area of sexual behavior and the law.


Practice Areas

Dr. Gregg, a Licensed Psychologist, helps people and the community in a variety of ways:


Forensic Psychology

Court reports and expert-witness testimony for legal cases.  The application of psychological knowledge to legal matters and the court


Evaluation & Testing

Psychological evaluation and testing for the purpose of creating a report and developing recommendations for a specific purpose


Professional services are now conducted safely, privately, and conveniently via state-of-the-art, secure video technology



Classes, workshops, talks, and motivational speaking on a variety of topics to educate people and motivate behavior change


Sex Therapy

Evaluation and treatment of sexual, intimacy, and relationship issues for individuals and couples to improve closeness and maximize pleasure


Life Coaching

Coaching guides people who are confused on what to do in their lives and helps them achieve their goals. It supports personal growth and helps clients take control of their future.